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Gold Yacht - Best Yacht Rental in Dubai
Gold Yacht - Best Yacht Rental and Booking in Dubai

Gold Yachts makes sure to provide its clients with the best!  A leading Dubai luxury yacht rental company with a full line of yacht charter services. Water sports, jet cars, jet skis, flyboards or luxury vip yachts, there’s nowhere else to turn but here! Keeping them the center of attention for a unique experience. With the click of a button, you can now rent your boat/ yacht in Dubai that will meet all your needs and enliven your day. 

Our mission

Planning a corporate event, a yacht party with friends or a family outing? Gold Water Yachts has selected for you the best yacht charter service in Dubai. Our goal is to offer a luxurious and fun service, an easy yacht booking system and much more.  On top of that, an expert crew willing to liven up your cruise. 

Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, not a mere bonus. Nothing beats the sight of our guests enjoying their cruise aboard our finest yachts. And that’s where our attention to value, dedication and the little details set us apart. 

Gold Yacht - Best Yacht Rental in Dubai
Gold Yacht - Best Yacht Rental and Booking in Dubai
Gold Yacht - Best Yacht Rental and Booking in Dubai

Our vision

Gold Water Yachts is the leading yacht charter company. With over 45 yachts to choose from, we focus on ensuring you get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience. From water sports for pure enjoyment to luxury yachts allowing you to explore the seas of Dubai in a whole new way. Don’t miss out on the best yacht experience in Dubai! Gold water yachts guarantee you luxury, unbeatable prices and endless fun! Book your luxury yacht charter in Dubai with Gold Water Yachts today. 

Best Yacht Charter in Dubai: Join the elite now!

Where luxury and pleasure go hand in hand...

Uncover the finest in royalty and fun with our luxury yacht charter services in Dubai. At Gold Water Yachts, we strive above and beyond the norm to ensure your satisfaction. A yacht party, yacht tour or a romantic getaway on a private yacht rental to admire the Burj Al Arab? Gold water yachts have it all planned for you!

Best in class service at your fingertips…

We make chartering yachts easier than ever with our simple booking system. You're a click away from cruising the stunning shoreline of Dubai Creek Golf and Marina Dubai.

It’s The Little Things That Matter…

Besides the quality of our luxurious water sports, we strive to impress you in every detail. Whatever your needs, large or small, you'll meet them here.