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Gold Water Yachts Rental LLC is a professional yacht charter in Dubai. It provides the best water sports in the UAE. We have more than 45 top-class and fully equipped mega yachts, luxury motor yachts, motorboats, sailing yachts and catamarans, wakeboarding, and jet-ski. We have expanded our business to more services: charter management, yacht maintenance, and yacht sale. Also, we provide advice and recommend the best option for you. Experiencing leisure time on our premium and luxury yachts will make you feel nostalgic for the place. Broad skyline view, a beautiful beach, and a bunch of favorite people, and you are all set to enjoy yourself like never before! Apart from yacht rental, we include a variety of other services that you cannot refuse to take. Likewise, Speed Boats, Fishing Trips on Yachts, Sunsets, and Dinner cruises. Party on Yachts, New Year’s Eve celebrations, Water Sports, and many more. We offer a variety of water sports, including Jet Car – Our Exclusive product, Jet Ski, Flyboarding, WWakeboarding Wake-surfing, Sea-bob, E-Foil, Banana ride, and Donut ride too!

Doesn’t this sound so perfect? We take care of all your needs by providing additional facilities like Authentic Catering, DJ, a Hostess, VIP Transport, Professional Photo & Videography, and many more!

Habibi come to dubai and try our jet car & Yacht Charter

With gold water yachts, driving jet cars on Dubai’s seas is like an ordinary day out here, come and feel the freedom of riding on the waters way better than on the land. Rent a Yacht from a wide range of Yacht Charter and enjoy water sports together in Dubai.

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Check out our best-selling yacht charter in Dubai, and book yours in no time – enough to blow your mind. Renting a Yacht in Dubai can never be easier than this. Renting a Yacht can never be as easy as booking with just one click. You can either directly book a yacht online or you can WhatsApp and chat with our customer service person to get answers to all your inquiries regarding availability and booking confirmation. Gold Water Yachts Own a wide range of yachts to fulfill all your yacht charter requirements in Dubai. 


Sunseeker 56 Feet

50 feet yacht charter

AS Marine 50 Feet

40 feet yacht charter

Majesty 40 Feet

66 feet luxury yacht charter

Majesty 66 Feet


Pershing 8X


Galeon 78 ft

Rent a Private Yacht in Dubai Marina

Feel the breeze while watching the most beautiful skyline in the world.  Why think when you can have a budget-friendly yacht charter option available at Gold Water yachts? Gold Water yachts have a fleet of yachts for rental so that you do not have to worry about having one on your own. Why waste the time when you can just simply tap the WhatsApp button and get our customer service person at your service? Let the rest be handled by our customer service department. They will advise you on the best choice of the yacht as per your requirements, the number of people, and also the budget you have.

join the elite and enjoy the finer things in life with Best Yacht Charter in Dubai

Where luxury rhymes with pleasure…

What if we tell you that you could have the time of your life while experiencing luxury?
Well, here's where we do it best. We ensure you have your best experience while you rent a yacht or try our water sports.

Booking has never been this easy…

From now on, there is no need to waste time booking a yacht. It will only take a few minutes, or even seconds, for the magic to happen.

It’s the little things that matter…

From the moment we get in touch with our customers, we are committed to satisfying their demands, no matter how big or small they might be.

what they say

An unforgettable experience on a Yacht in Dubai! The service is top notch, the staff and the captain are very nice! The yacht is new! The yacht ride was great! I recommend this service for romantic walks whether you are in Dubai for the first time or not! It's beautiful and cute!

youandmeflying Google Reviews

تجربة رائعة😍😍 كان يوما لا ينسى مع جولد وتر وسوف أعيدها عما قريب❤️❤️

Hanan Galadi Google Reviews

Great experience with this company. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a yacht in Dubai. The captain and his crew were great and so helpful. 11 of us on a stag doo all enjoyed the day! Thank you

Jory Chambers Google Reviews

Great team, super qualified divers, I had unbelievable experience! I was swimming in the middle of the warm sea when my engagement diamond ring slipped of my finger and sank to the deep bottom. Depth was 8 meters. The next day, experienced divers and I went to the point where the ring was lost. I had no hope, but after just 15-20 minutes divers rose from the water with smiles on their faces — they found it! They found my tiny ring on a huge sandy bottom with metal detectors the day after I’ve lost it in the sea! It was a real delight, I am so grateful for the brilliantly done work! I warmly recommend the services of these wonderful divers! The smile does not leave my face till today😌

Shrimp Watson Google Reviews

Best company if you are looking for a top notch service. Very quick to reply and offer excellent rates. Always use them and every time they haven't let me down. Has to be 5 stars. Highly recommend. Omar and the team are excellent.

Liam Doherty Google Reviews

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    Rent A Private Yacht In Dubai

    Looking to rent a yacht in Dubai? It is our pleasure that you are here!

    Cruising on Yachts that too in Dubai will make you feel heavenly! Experiencing leisure time on our premium and luxury yachts will make you feel nostalgic to the place. Broad skyline view with a beautiful beach, a bunch of favorite people, and you are all set to enjoy like never before! Apart from yacht rental, we include a variety of other services that you cannot refuse to take. Likewise, Speed Boats, Fishing Trip on Yachts, Sun Set and Dinner Cruise. Party on Yachts. New Year Eve celebrations, Water Sports, and many more at Dubai Marina Harbour.

    Explore Dubai from an ocean view!. Go awestruck by witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the night view of Dubai. Make your evenings great by watching a delightful sunset or if you love mornings, witness the beauty of the rising sun on our Yachts. Nonetheless when you are in Dubai, Never miss the chance to be on yachts and experience water sports. We offer a variety of water sports that include, Jet Car – Our Exclusive products, Jet Ski, Flyboarding, Wake-boarding, Wake-surfing, Sea-bob, Banana ride, and Donut ride too!

    AT Gold Water Yachts You have options to choose your preferred Yacht as per your budget and as per the number of people. We charter Small Yachts, Mega Yachts, Premium Luxury yachts, and VIP Luxury Yachts.  You can also choose your favorable number of hours for cruising.  You can check the cruising route below and see what places you can sail through.  And if you still have any queries, feel free to get in touch with our customer service via WhatsApp! Every month we have international visitors to Dubai who books with us. 

    We can also plan an event for you on the yacht. Whether it is a birthday celebration, Marriage anniversary, marriage proposal, or gender-revealing party, we customize all the events as per our client’s requirements.

    What can you expect when you book a Yacht with Gold Water Yachts?

    • Licensed Captain and experienced crew 
    • All Safety measures required
    • Staff at your service
    • Complimentary unlimited soft drinks, ice, and water
    • The Best Music System to entertain you
    • Luxury Bedrooms
    • Kitchen with cutlery
    • Microwave
    • BBQ Grill Machine
    • Sunbed

    Apart from this, we arrange some special arrangements on demand. Such as,

    • Professional photographer
    • Yacht Decoration
    • Authentic Catering
    • Professional DJ
    • VIP Transport

    We make sure that we have all that our customers can ask for! Feel free to inquire about the Private Yacht Charter in Dubai.



    Route (CRUISING ONLY) start in Dubai Marina Harbour

    ▪️ 1 Hour – Dubai Marina Harbour, Dubai Eye and JBR
    ▪️ 2 Hour– Dubai Marina Harbour, JBR, Dubai Eye, around the palm Atlantis
    ▪️ 3 Hour – Dubai Marina harbour, Skydive, JBR , Burj Al Arab and Palm Island ( Atlantis)
    ▪️ 4 hour – Dubai Marina Harbour, Skydive, , Burj Al Arab, Palm Island (Atlantis) and World Island site
    ▪️ 5 hour – Dubai Marina, Sheik Palace, Lagoon , Burj Al Arab, Palm Island (Atlantis) and Dubai Canal
    ▪️ 6 hour – Dubai Marina, Sheik Palace, Lagoon , Burj Al Arab, Palm Island (Atlantis) and World Island and Dubai Canal

    ➡️If the guest has fishing, swimming activity and If you add water slide activity or any water sport activities there are some places they cannot cover from the original route cruise subject to the consumed timing of the activity. And Subject to weather conditions.

    ➡️Recommend min of 5 hours in the yacht and 1 hour in the water sport activities, if you want to do water sports and cruising activity. ( You can visit dubai Marina, JBR, Atlantis and Burj AL Alrab) and 3 hours only in Dubai Marina and JBR area.