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Where can I drive a jet car on the sea in Dubai?


Habibi, it’s Dubai here, you can definitely drive a jet car through  GOLD WATER YACHTS, and guess what? It’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever have.

Have you ever seen a car that runs on water? Dubai did it first. It’s one of the best water sports on the planet. So, if you’re looking for a car that drives on water, giving you the feeling of a Hollywood movie star, this is the best place to be!

Don’t hesitate any longer and come feel the thrill of adventure behind the wheel of this 1800CC French-made supercharged jet car and enjoy driving in Dubai in a completely insane way.


And best of all, we offer the best prices in town, starting from AED 1000 for a 20-minute ride up to AED 1999/hour, isn’t that amazing? Thanks to GOLD WATER YACHTS, driving like GTA or a Fast and Furious movie is no longer a difficult feat to achieve!

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