Hoping to get some real water experience? Try this amazing adventure by booking our Jet Ski. Ride like never before. Totally a vibe to get a ride with Gold Water Yachts in Dubai Harbour. It is 1800CC super charged engine that makes it different from others. You can see the difference only when you ride it. We have certified instructors who will make sure about your safety. Don’t miss the chance to see Dubai from water view. We will make your experience memorable by our services on shore. Exploring water sports is not everyone’s cup of tea as some people feel scared of water. But there is nothing to worry when you are at Gold Water yachts. We take care of your safety. Apart from this, we also have professional photo and videographers who will capture every moment you spend on Jet Ski. It is worth spending to get this splendid experience on board.



United Arab Emirates , Guest Capacity : 8